Our Mission:
"To Make Disciples of Jesus Christ!"
     Anyone   Anytime   Anywhere


 I want to thank all the new Church Leadership, who attended our first Church Council get together.  I pray that by opening our communication and ability to team together for church ministries and projects, the better church family we will be.  We will meet this Sunday at 5:00 pm and prepare for the next quarter.  Please take a look at the upcoming events already planned especially Homecoming and Revival and let us know how  your team will help make it the best we have had.    If you have any questions, let me know for I am available.
We have not been informed of how or where we can help those who suffered greatly due to the hurricane.  If you wish to help, start putting some basic items aside and I will let you know as soon as I do.  Keep praying that God will our of the bad bring forth the good to His glory.
We want to welcome to our Church Family our newest members Kinlyn Hinson, Josh and Meagan Twitty and kids, Vicki Logan, Ann and Bo Stokes, Matthew Stokes, Marcus Stokes, and Summer Arrants.  We look forward to working together for the Kingdom, Church, and Community.  We praise God for all He is doing in our church family.  May God bless our journey together with each other and with our community!
Our Church is growing and we want to be more involved in Discipleship and Evangelism in our Community along with helping meet needs.  Every part of the body has a purpose and a part to play - please let each of us do our part to the glory of our God and Savior.  Even if you don't feel led to lead a ministry or team, then just be part of the team.  Every member needs to be active in some ministry of our Church.  We are in need of volunteers to work in the Nursery Sunday AM and PM services along with Wednesday service.  We also need volunteers to work with the Preschool ages.  Please see Pastor, Jane, and Loren if you need more information.
We want to welcome  Josh Twitty and family to our church as our new Youth Leader.   We ask that you keep Josh and family in your prayers.  If you have children and grandchildren in the 6th grade up, then bring them out to experience this new journey.    
Upcoming Events at Antioch:
September 1      11:00 pm    Start of New Church Year
September 3      6:30 pm     River Church - Wateree Baptist will host Good News Training 
September 8      6:00 pm    Business Meeting/Church Council
September 8 - 15                 Be in prayer for what you will give to our annual Janie Chapman Offering 
September 15    11:00 pm    Parent/Child dedication (Contact Kathy Frost)
September 16    Noon           Monday Manna at KBA bldg. with a great steak lunch and IMB  Missionary speaking.  Let Pastor know to get numbers in. 
September 17    11:00 am      Pastor Conference at KBA 
September 22     6:00 pm    Concert "The Masters 3"
September 24    9:30-2:00 pm   KBA 17th Annual Senior Adult Fair at Malvern Hill Baptist Church

If you can't join us on Sunday mornings, the join us on Facebook as we go live every Sunday at 11:00 am.  If you know someone out of church, homebound, work, or in hospital that has access to facebook, then let them know about us and encourage them to join us.  Then let us know what you think.  May God use this tool to call the lost, reestablish those out of church, and reach people around the world.  Please be in prayer for us as we step out in faith.

Please annotate on your calendar that our Wednesday night service time has changed from 7:00 pm to 6:30 pm with Choir practice afterwards at 7:15.   

e are praying for our newest ministry which will open doors to those with Special Needs.  This ministry is much needed for the individual and the family.  If you are interested in this ministry and wish to be involved through our church, please contact the church. 

       Our focus at Antioch is to provide the Holy Spirit the environment to move in the lives of all Visitors, and Disciples as they journey with Jesus. We promote the Word of God as our book of life. We promote a daily walk with Jesus. We promote daily Prayer (communication) with the Father. We promote action for Disciples in the forms of ministry; use of spiritual gifts; use of talents; love for the Saints, and those who don't agree with us. If this sounds like a House of God that you would like to visit, then you are invited!

Check out our calendar for all our events, then come and join us for a great time together in the Lord. 

We want to invite everyone in the Kershaw, Camden, and Sumter area looking for a new church home, or wanting to find a place to worship while passing through to stop by. We are a traditional church in love with Jesus and each other. We are located off Hwy 20 at exit 101, and follow the signs on Hwy 34.

Our Sunday school/Small Groups meet at 10:00 with worship following at 11:00. We also have children's church and a great nursery.  At 6:00 pm for an evening worship service with true bible study emphasis.   Also, children and youth meet for programs during the Wednesday worship time at 6:30 pm.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself. All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.