"Making Disciples of Jesus Christ!"
Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

Hello everyone, 

   We at Antioch Baptist want to thank God for each of you visiting our website and following us on our Facebook Live each Sunday morning.  We also want to wish you and yours the greatest blessings of God!  If you don't have a church please come and visit with us!

   Make sure you join us and keep up with the new things going on as we strive to meet the needs in our community such as our Youth/children's programs. 

Remember our God who gave His Only Begotten Son the Lord Jesus and above all give Him praise and thanksgiving.

We welcome our new Youth Leader Josh Twitty and family.  Come and join the journey!

Thank You,
Pastor Danny

Let us find ways to meet people and share the love of Jesus.  We are to be missionaries no matter where we are at and who we are with.  If we are not telling people about Jesus then we are not being obedient. 

Friends, Jesus is wanting us all to stop and reprioritize not only our time, but our dependence upon Him.   That is why it is so important to belong to a true church, and worship with other believers.  May God bless each of you greatly, and if you are in the area check out our calendar and plan to join us.  

We the family of God who meets at Antioch Baptist Church, Camden, SC want to extend a loving welcome to each of you visiting our web site.  You can also join us on our facebook site to keep up with happenings, just find "Antioch Baptist Church, Camden."  There are alot of Antioch Baptist sites out there so look for the one in Camden, SC. 

We want to welcome Ann and Bo Stokes, Matthew Stokes, Ty, Amy, and Landen Hall: Barbara and Steven Amberjack; Paul Spitzer; Cathy Polk, MaKayla Peebles, and Patrick Buggar, to our church family.  We praise God for bringing all of you into our family and look forward to serving and growing together. 

May God bless you and your journey with Him, or to Him!  If we at Antioch Baptist Church, Camden can help, then contact us.

Thanks for stopping by!   

Pastor Danny

A little about myself and my wife:  I am Rev. Danny Hedgepath, and I have been the Pastor of this great church since November 2, 2014.  I retired from the Air Force in February 2001 while stationed at Shaw Air Force Base, Sumter.  We had been serving Sheldon Baptist in Sheldon, SC right down the road from Beaufort and Hilton Head for seven years.  We thank God for the opportunity to come home to this area.  My wife is Cindy Hedgepath and worked for many years in the Sumter, Lee, Kershaw counties while a RN in Hospice.  As we are just getting our website up and running we hope you will continue to stop by and see what Antioch Baptist has going on.  Better yet, if you live in the area please stop by and see for yourself.  If we are not what you are looking for, then we will help you find it.  We want you to be where God wants you to be!

If you live in the Camden, Sumter area we invite you to join us for our services.  Please keep us in your prayers!

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16